Weekend recommendation: NOSH NOSH!

Brevity is the spice of life: The short film programme NOSH NOSH of the 27th JFBB will show six short films from Germany, Israel and Turkey whose ingredients could not be more different on Saturday at the Filmmuseum Potsdam and on Sunday at the City Kino Wedding in Berlin, both at 8 pm.

Jewish film art is as multifaceted as the stories of the people it tells. Jewish film can be gentle, it can be thought-provoking, it can be oppressive. It is often political, and more and more often humorous. The 27th JFBB has combined all this in its short film programme NOSH NOSH.

Irina Rubina will be represented here with her animated short film BLACK SNOT & GOLDEN SQUARES (DE/2020). The film poem processes feelings of the first lockdown that we can all relate to:
*"BLACK SNOT & GOLDEN SQUARES was created quite spontaneously in the first Lockdown, so the need for closeness turned into a contagion-free cinematic embrace. We're hugely excited to be showing this for the first time at the JFBB in the cinema to a physically present audience and not just at home in front of the screen at online screenings."
Rubina will be at the screening in Potsdam together with teammates - best opportunity for a after-lockdown exchange!

In Tal Shmuni's NECRO-MEN (IL/2020), tricksters play on people's fear of the devil, which the Jewish-Muslim duo promises to exorcise from their fellow men - but in the end the tide is to turn for them.

Orthodox, Jewish and gay: The protagonist in the documentary RABBI FALSCH (IL/2019) by Roy Goldman had his coming out and is subsequently disowned by his family. The film enjoyed success in the LGBTQ+ community and screened at TLVfest for LGBTQ+ films.

RETURN TO MOTHERLAND (IL/2019) by Ron Rotschild deals with the refugee story of his grandmother Ruth, which miraculously converges 80 years later with the story of an Eritrean in Seeburg, Germany.
Rotschild will also be present at the screening at the Potsdam Film Museum to talk about his short film.

We learn that true friendship knows no borders and can have special faces in Ilay Mevorach's film RINA AND ZAKI (IL/2020) - a short portrait of a long and unusual friendship.

Last but not least, the Turkish family comedy SUSAM (2021) by Sami Morhayim will amuse us in the NOSH NOSH programme: Susam disappears at his own bar mitzvah, causing quite a stir in the festivities.

Here tickets are available for the short film programme NOSH NOSH!

BLACK SNOT & GOLDEN SQUARES, RABBI FALSE, RETURN TO MOTHERLAND and RINA AND ZAKI are also available in our VoD programme until the end of August!