Founded in 1995, the Jewish Film Festival Berlin | Brandenburg is one of the oldest and largest Jewish film festivals in Europe and an essential part of the diverse Jewish life in this country. The festival focuses on Jewish life and its constant change - in Germany, Israel, Europe and beyond. Carefully selected feature films and documentaries, mid-length and short films, as well as series provide insights into the diversity and complexity of Jewish culture and life in past and present, while at the same time vehemently opposing all forms of anti-Semitism, attributions and exclusions.

The 30th edition of the Jewish Film Festival Berlin | Brandenburg will take place at various locations in Berlin and Potsdam from June 18th to 23th, 2024.

The Jewish Film Festival Berlin | Brandenburg is organized by JFBB UG haftungsbeschränkt.


Eligible for submission are feature films and documentaries as well as short films, animated films, experimental films and series that deal with Jewish life and culture in history, the present and the future, in which Jewish characters and themes essentially carry the plot or which originate from Jewish filmmakers. The production year of the films should not be older than 2023.


The film must be submitted via the Entry Form on the following website: jfbb.info/festival/entryform

For a binding film entry, a fully and truthfully completed entry form including a screener link (e.g. Vimeo or YouTube), subtitled in English, must be submitted. If a screener link is not available, please contact us at film@jfbb.info.

Deadline for submission is March 15th, 2024.

Please ensure that your film meets the eligibility criteria. German premieres are preferred.

The preferred screening format for the films is DCP. The following DCI standards apply:
• File format: Motion jpeg 2000
• Resolution at least 2048×1080 pixels, colour space XYZ
• Audio: 24 bit linear PCM
• In exceptional cases and after prior consultation, the following are also permitted: ProRes 422, HDCAM, Blu-Ray, Beta, 35mm.

The entrant assures that he/she has the right of binding submission or is acting as an authorised representative of all rights holders and that all third party rights to materials used (e.g. music rights, archive materials used, photo rights) have been cleared for the purpose of public performance.


The Festival generally reserves the right to admit films to the programme sections and may in individual cases make decisions that
differ from the regulations.

All films submitted will be screened by the artistic director (programme director and selection committee), who will also decide on the selection of the films. Entrants will be notified by e-mail by 15 May 2024 at the latest.

If a film has been nominated for participation by the Jewish Film Festival Berlin | Brandenburg and this nomination is approved by the producer/rights holder, this approval cannot be revised.

The following materials must be submitted immediately if the film is selected:
• Short biography and full filmography of the director with details of documentary, short, student film, etc.
• Portrait photo of the director (min. 300 dpi)
• Dialog lists or subtitle files (format: SRT) in English and original language
• min. 1 - 2 expressive film stills (min. 300 dpi)
• 1 - 2 film excerpts (each max. 1min as mp4 file) that can be used for internal and external press relations.
• a film trailer (as mp4 file)


The screening material should preferably be received by 30 April 2024, and must be received no later than 12 May 2024.

Preference will be given to the submission of the screening material as well as promotional materials and stills by digital means.
In case of a physical transport of the screening material, the sender is responsible for the costs of transporting the film copy to the festival. The festival will bear the costs for the return shipment. During their stay at the Festival, the films are insured for their material value.

All shipments from non-EU countries must be marked with a customs declaration stating the following: "No commercial value - for cultural purposes only". In addition, shipments from outside the EU must be accompanied by a pro forma invoice for a maximum of 10 euros. Costs incurred due to false declaration will be charged to the sender.

Screening and promotional materials as well as unsolicited films and materials that do not comply with these regulations will not be returned or will only be returned upon request and at the expense of the sender.


The Jewish Film Festival Berlin | Brandenburg reserves the right to organize an online festival parallel to the physical festival. The festival uses a platform with Studio Grade DRM for the online screening of films.

The online festival is available for two weeks from the start of the festival nationwide for the public audience and without geoblocking for accredited industry guests. The number of times the audience can access the film or the time frame of the film's availability can be limited by the submitter.

The technical requirements for the online festival will be provided with the invitation of the film.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our program department (film@jfbb.info).


The submitter allows
• that accredited guests view the screener during the festival. For this purpose, access to the screener must be ensured until the end of the festival.
• the broadcast of the supplied trailer/film excerpts (max. 3 min.) as part of the festival coverage on television.
• the use of film stills, director’s photo as well as film excerpts (max. 3 min.) in digital media (festival homepage, youtube channel of the festival, Facebook profile of the festival), for the purpose of promoting the festival.


By submitting the film entry, the regulations of the Jewish Film Festival Berlin | Brandenburg are accepted.