The Summerschool invites students and doctoral candidates from various disciplines to get to know the Jewish Film Festival Berlin Brandenburg and to spend five days exploring Jewish history and the present in film.

On the one hand, Jewish film is understood in the program logic of Jewish film festivals, which open up a discourse space on Jewish topics with the films, and on the other hand, it is reflected upon as a media form in its aesthetics and history.

The participants of the Summerschool have the opportunity to take part in workshops, lectures and discussions in the morning and to watch films of the festival program in the afternoon and evening.

The program includes lectures on media studies, which will guide the critical examination of Jewish films, discuss them and situate them in disciplinary terms. Furthermore, discussions with filmmakers and those responsible for the festival are planned.

Date: June 18 - 23, 2024 (Tue. - Sun.)
Location: Berlin
Participation fee:
The participation fee for the seminar and the visit of the festival including accreditation, lunch and accommodation in the hotel for students studying outside Berlin is 50,00€.

The Summerschool will be led by Prof. Dr. Doron Kiesel and film scholar Lea Wohl von Haselberg (Filmuniversität Babelsberg Konrad Wolf). The Summerschool takes place with the support and in cooperation with the Central Council of Jews in Germany.

More information and the registration link will follow soon.

Program Director Bernd Buder, Arkadij Khaet (filmmaker), Prof. Dr. Doron Kiesel and Dr. Lea Wohl von Haselberg (Head of the Summerschool)