Film tips for June 15

For the 2nd day of the festival

43 movies and 2 series are waiting to be discovered by you. Can't make up your mind? We give you movie tips every day this week.

Here are the tips for the first day of the festival on June 15:

Adam & Ida - Almost A Fairytale

Competition Documentary Film
Jan Tenhaven | DE | 2022 | 83 Min | OmdU

This film will celebrate its WORLD PREMIERE at JFBB 2022.

Late Reunion. In January 1995, Ida, who has lived in Chicago for over 30 years, calls Poland. She is looking for her twin brother Adam, from whom she was separated in 1942 when they were three years old. Ida was hidden by a Polish couple; Adam survived the concentration camp and was later adopted. Two siblings tell their incredible life story and how they found their way back to each other and Judaism despite being baptized, the anti-Semitism of their foster parents, a forged birth certificate and a new name.

After the screening, guests include:
Jan Tenhaven, the director and Ida Paluch, protagonist and contemporary witness.
Moderation: Jörg Taszmann

Here you can see the film and book tickets:
MS Goldberg, the Jewish theater ship in Spandau, 5 p.m.


Competition Feature Film
Roman Shumunov | IL | 2021 | 105 min

This film will celebrate its GERMAN premiere at JFBB 2022.

Resistance between morality and command. The Ukrainian-Jewish partisan Leonid Berenshtein and his unit not only blew up German ammunition trains, but also tracked down a secret Nazi hideout for V2 rockets in Poland in 1944. But against massacres of civilians he often could do nothing. The feature film, shot in Ukrainian and Russian, also shows Berenshtein in interviews shortly before his death. The result is a study of resistance and morality in war that is as complex as it is bitter.

After the screening, guests include:
Roman Shumunov (director) and Anton Karlinsky (protagonist).
Moderation: Amos Geva

Here you can see the film and book tickets:
MS Goldberg, the Jewish theater ship in Spandau, 9 p.m.


Jewcy Favourites
Bob Fosse | US | 1974 | 111 min

In the Jewcy Favorites section we invite interesting people from film, culture, politics and academia to present their favorite Jewish films.

After the screening, guests include:
Producer David Hadda, known among others for the talk format Friday Night Jews.
Moderation: Lea Wohl von Haselberg

In the 1974 film Dustin Hoffman plays the stand-up comedian Lenny Bruce between transgression, self-destruction and socially critical as well as comical genius.

Venue: Thalia - Das Programmkino in Babelsberg, 9 p.m.


Cinema Fermished
5 short films | IL/DE/LT | 2020/2021, 92 min, OmdU

Short film marathon at the Thalia cinema in Babelsberg. 5 great and exciting short films are waiting for you:

WHAT HAS CHANGED (MA NISHTANA), Solomon Chekol, IL 2021, 12 min.
Soldier Shai, an Ethiopian Jew, has been given a vacation over Passover. The army has given him canned food packages so that his family can afford the traditional meals. When he accidentally discovers that his father has hidden a substantial sum of money at home, an uproar ensues.

KIRSCHKNOCHEN, Evgenia Gostrer, DE 2021, 18 min.
She was 14 when she came to Germany with her parents as a Jewish contingent refugee in 1996. It took her a long time before she knew that you don't say Kirschknochen, but Kirschkern. In her autobiographical animated film, the filmmaker reflects on languages, art, family and self-realization.

SHIREY MARA, Nata Korneyeva, LTU 2021, 10 min.
Mara is no longer alive, but she has kept her voice and her songs for her husband in a magical mahogany box. A melancholic dreamy animated film in watercolors, a poetic departure as the first snowflakes fall.

THE ACCIDENT (HAATEUNA), Omri Dekel Kadosh, IL 2020, 31 min.
A car accident on the way to his bar mitzvah traumatized director Omri's family 15 years ago. Later, the parents divorced. Omri wants to make the accident the subject of a feature film. To remember, he asks his family to make the trip again. Fascinating family study between re-enacted documentary and a final feature film scene that turns everything upside down.

Osi Wald/Noa Berman-Herzberg, IL 2021, 18 min.
Jenni and Noa meet in Paris in 1991 shortly after the Gulf War. Noa invites the Black German to join her in Tel Aviv, where Jenni spontaneously stays for a few years. Over 20 years later, their friendship is put to the test: Jenni's grandfather was a concentration camp commander. Multi-layered animated film about the question: how responsible are we for our grandparents' history?

After the screening, guests are:
Evgenia Gostrer (director), Salomon Chekol (director), Yasmine Scheft (editor).
Moderation: Jana Riemann

Venue: Thalia - Das Programmkino, 7 pm