Film tips for June 16

For the 3rd festival day on June 16

43 movies and 2 series are waiting to be discovered by you. Can't make up your mind? We give you movie tips every day this week.

Double Feature**

Homage Jeanine Meerapfel

Jeanine Meerapfel's films are still distinguished by their great relevance today. In the Double Feature, one of her films is shown together with more recent films that deal with related themes. In this way, we bring the films and, following the screenings, the filmmakers into conversation.

Shown are:

1. in the country of my parents (Jeanine Meerapfel | DE | 1981| 88 Min | OmeU

A look at the German present in the 1980s: the director's parents fled from Germany to Argentina, Jeanine Meerapfel's country of birth, to escape National Socialism. With this documentary she returns to the country of her parents, in search of her own German-Jewish roots.

You can see the film and book tickets here:
Filmmuseum Potsdam, 5 p.m.

2. Displaced (Sharon Ryba-Kahn | DE | 2020 | 90 Min | OmeU)

"The truth is that I feel first and foremost Jewish here.": Sharon was born in Germany, she is Jewish and a member of the third generation of Shoah-
survivors. In her award-winning documentary, the director reconstructs her own family history and at the same time deals with her personal relationship to Germany.

You can see the film and book tickets here:
Filmmuseum Potsdam, 8 p.m.

After the two screenings, guests are:
Jeanine Meerapfel and Sharon Ryba-Kahn, directors.
Moderation: Lea Wohl von Haselberg

Significant Other - Season 1 (Series Marathon)**

Serial Fresh: In the Long Run - Israeli Women TV Creators.
Ram Nehari | IL | 2018 | 12 x 25 min | OmeU

At the House of Brandenburg-Prussian History, we offer you the opportunity to watch series in a deck chair. The first season of the Israeli hit series "Significant Other. A bitterly funny hit series about two lonely souls.
Two neighbors of an apartment building. Both around forty. He is trying to kill himself with pills and is waiting for death. Suddenly she rings his doorbell. She has just had a heart attack. Shortly after, they both have to go to the emergency room in the ambulance. However, he is discharged only if a "better half" vouches for him. His neighbor agrees to vouch for him.

Here you can see the film and book tickets:
House of Brandenburg-Prussian History, 5 p.m.

The Passport Forger** (Open Air)

Competition Feature Film
Maggie Peren | DE/LU | 2022| 116 min | German OV

The best hiding place is where you are seen. Following this motto, Cioma and Det, two young Jewish men, do not let themselves be defeated in Berlin in 1942. Wearing German Kriegsmarine uniforms, they flirt and dance with women and try to enjoy life despite all the arbitrariness. Based on the authentic life story of Cioma Schönhaus, filmmaker Maggie Peren reveals to us a very different story of courage, chutzpah and daring resistance.

After the screening, guests include: Maggie Peren, director.

You can see the film and book tickets here:
Kutschstallhof (House of Brandenburg-Prussian History), 9:30 p.m.


Competition Feature Film
Kornél Mundruczó | HU/DE | 2021 | 97min | OmdU

Miraculously, workers cleaning up a former concentration camp in 1945 find a surviving baby. Decades later, we meet her again as Éva in Berlin, where the Hungarian is confronted by her daughter about her past and being Jewish.

See the film and book tickets here:
MS Goldberg, 7pm

1341 Frames Of War And Love (1341 Frames Of Love And War)**

Competition Documentary Film
Ran Tal | IL | 2022 | 90min | OmdU

Photo chronicle in moving images: Born in Berlin in 1930, Michael Anguli spends his sixth birthday in Palestine. Later he calls himself Micha Bar-Am. As a photographer, he documented important events and wars in Israel, from the Eichmann trial in 1961 to the Lebanon war in 1982. In the film, one sees only photos and hears the stories of their creation. Thus, one observes with fascination one of Israel's most important chroniclers.

Here you can see the film and book tickets:
Delphi Lux, 16:30
(link: https://www.yorck.de/filme/1341-frames-of-love-and-war text: TICKE