Our program offers cinematic encounters with the directors of the films, world premieres as well as German premieres of international titles. After most screenings, there are moderated film discussions about the backgrounds and artistic realization of the films. An overview of all guests and scheduled film talks can be found below the respective films.

Our panels offer an additional opportunity for deeper insights into individual topics.



Thur, 20. Jun, 14:00
Filmkunst 66 - Saal 2
entry fee 5 Eur

Dagesh – Jewish Art in Context enables the visibility of diverse, artistic forms of expression by Jews. In this workshop discussion, selected films and film excerpts will be presented and artistic highlights and creative challenges will be discussed together with the filmmakers. The discussion will provide an insight into the creative process of Jewish filmmakers.

Films and film excerpts from Ido Gotlib, Alica Khaet, Sharon Ryba-Kahn and Natalia Sinelnikova.
Moderator: Daniel Laufer (Dagesh)

Panel discussion: Between state-controlled “anti-Zionism” and everyday resentment - anti-Semitism under socialism

Thur, 20. Jun, 17:00-18:30
Stiftung Neue Synagoge Berlin - Centrum Judaicum (Oranienburger Straße 28-31, 10117 Berlin), exhibition room, 2nd floor
Language: English, free entry

State-enforced anti-Semitism, as it was expressed in various show trials through to the "anti-Zionist" campaigns of the late 1960s and 1970s, is still one of the aspects of the history of actually existing socialism that has hardly been dealt with. At the same time, some of the strands of argumentation and propaganda motifs of that time still return today in the form of Israel-related anti-Semitism. The panel discussion will ask about manifestations, historical and political causes and the extent to which it was possible to address state anti-Semitism in films of the time and what role the topic plays for filmmakers today.

Dr. Lisa Schoß Literature and cultural studies scholar, specializing in German-Jewish cultural history
Dr. Markus Nesselrodt European University Viadrina; Culture and History of Central and Eastern Europe
Eva Tomanovà director of SON OF A PUBLIC ENEMY
Lilia Tzvokbenkel co-author of 5TH PARAGRAPH INVALIDS

Please arrive at least 20 minutes before the start of the event, as the security check at the entrance may take some time. Please note that access with luggage larger than 55 cm × 40 cm × 23 cm is unfortunately not possible.

*Please understand that photography and the making of film and video recordings – even for private purposes – is not permitted in our museum (i.e. in any of the exhibition rooms, in the historic staircase, in the open space and in the dome).**

Politics of the images of terror

Sa, 22. Jun, 13:30
Filmkunst 66 – Saal 2
Language: German, free entry

Terrorism aims to create fear, which is intended to unsettle and destroy democratic civil societies. Images play a decisive role in spreading insecurity and feelings of powerlessness. Images of perpetrators of violence are streamed live or recorded on cell phones and can be accessed by everyone. At the same time, victims and those affected also take pictures, document and bear witness. How can societies deal with this flood of images? What ethical questions arise for filmmaking? How can films have a sorting and orienting function and when do they reproduce the act of violence?

Benjamin Fischer Director of programme Alfred Landecker Foundation
Miro Dittrich Senior Researcher CeMAS – Center for Monitoring, Analysis and Strategy

Right-wing violence and right-wing extremist terror and the social function of film in Germany

Sa, 22. Jun, 16:30
Filmkunst 66 - Saal 2
Language: German free entry

Right-wing violence and the attacks by the so-called NSU were ignored for a long time. Society and state structures have not taken the side of the victims and their families - and if they have, they have done so far too late. What social function can filmmaking have here and what are the challenges?

Julian Vogel director of EINZELTÄTER
Ulf Aminde artist and filmmaker

Survival - filming with and about trauma

Sun, 23. Jun, 15:00
Filmkunst 66 - Saal 2
Language: German free entry

Terrorist attacks and extreme experiences of violence are inscribed in the psyche of survivors as traumatic experiences. What does trauma mean and what cinematic form can be found for it in documentaries and feature films? How does working with traumatized protagonists shape filmmaking?

Marina Chernivsky psychologist and founding managing director of OEFK e.V.
Sharon Ryba-Kahn director