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A Good Jewish Boy

  • Noé Debré
  • FR
  • 2024
  • 89

Dreamy and optimistic, Bellisha lives with his mother, Giselle, in a rundown Parisian suburb. After the last Kosher store closes down, Bellisha and his mom are officially the last Jews in town. This is a bittersweet Drama about leaving home.

Noé Debré’s Debut Film is a touching portrait of a young man forced to part from everything he’s known and loved. This young man happens to be Jewish which wouldn't be such an issue except for the fact that he and his mother are the last Jews remaining in this town after everyone else has left, the synagogue has closed, and so did the last Kosher deli in the area. Although Bellisha is a friendly, funny, and optimistic man, he can't and doesn't want to hide his identity, which isn’t the most popular one around. In addition, although he is his mother’s boy, Bellisha is already a man, and he is expected to find a nice job, a nice Jewish wife, and a nice place to live – far away from the crumbling neighborhood he loves.
Bellisha manages to turn all his adult world encounters into charming adventures until reality knocks on the door and Bellisha is forced to leave everything behind him.
Inspired by humanistic directors such as François Truffaut and Charlie Chaplin, Director Noé Debré explores painful themes with lightness and irreverence, which are a love letter to a dying world of Jewish homes in the diaspora.

Text: Naomi Levari

All screenings will be followed by a Q&A with the director Noé Debré.


original title A Good Jewish Boy

international title A Good Jewish Boy

german title A Good Jewish Boy

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  • director Noé Debré

country/countries FR

year 2024

duration 89

Portrait of Noé Debré

Noé Debré

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