Our jury for the documentary film competition

Who does actually choose the winners?

This year again we hold a documentary film competition. We have invited three jurors for this. Here we introduce them to you.

Abigail Prade Film Officer at the Claims Conference NYC USA

The Claims Conference is aware of the potential of films to reach a large number of people, to educate and to initiate important discussions. Therefore, it awards film scholarships as part of its ongoing support for Shoah education, documentation and research.

Nikita Pavlov - documentary filmmaker and cinematographer

Nikita Pavlov was born in Moscow and worked as a professional photographer in Russia and Israel for over a decade. While studying in Jerusalem, he eventually shifted his focus to cinema, where he wrote, directed and shot his first documentary WHEN NEW YEAR COMES ON SHABBAT.
He has since moved to Berlin, where he currently works as a cinematographer. His notable work includes documenting Alexey Navalny's return to Russia for the Oscar-winning film NAVALNY.

Geoffroy Grison - screenwriter from France

Geoffroy Grison graduated from the University of Strasbourg with a degree in classical philology and worked for a while at ARTE before moving into the film industry, with a particular interest in foreign cinema.
He has worked on dozens of arthouse films as a screenwriter or producer, including A STRANGE COURSE OF EVENTS by French-Israeli director Raphael Nadjari (Cannes Quinzaine 2013)

You can watch our Jewcy Documentary Movies from June 13th to 18th in Berlin and Potsdam.