During a summer film festival, one thing definitely cannot be missing: Open-air cinemas! Of the total of 13 different venues where the Jewish Film Festival Berlin Brandenburg takes place, some are located outdoors. Colourful, diverse and also in the open air - that's how an atmospheric cinema summer should be.

The Jewish Film Festival Berlin Brandenburg is pleased to be able to offer its audience the pleasure of screenings in the balmy summer air and invites them to get to know these locations also for their special atmospheres.

In Berlin, the JFBB open-air screenings under the stars at the Insel-Kino (Insel der Jugend in Treptower Park), the Kiezkino Charlottenburg (S-Bahn station) and the Kino Alte Münze (Berlin Mitte) are hosted by MOBILE KINO, the Sommerkino Kulturforum (Tiergarten) by Yorck Kinos. MOBILE KINO - "Berlin's Traveling Cinema" - always takes place at different locations in Berlin and offers a very varied programme. Unusual locations, which in addition to the ones mentioned above are always newly equipped with screens in a pop-up manner, provide very special screening atmospheres - whether beer gardens, rooftops or clubs.

In Potsdam, visitors to the JFBB can honour the Waschhaus as well as the open-air cinema in the Alexandrowka Colony - which is a real insider tip:
"The Alexandrowka Colony in the north of Potsdam is now a cultural magnet in Brandenburg's capital. Founded in 1826, 13 wooden houses built in the Russian style and the specially erected church still bear witness to the now almost 200-year history, which ranges from being the home of Russian singers of a Prussian guard regiment to today's work as part of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. A lot of commitment is necessary - from Dr. Hermann A. Kremer and his Potsdam Foundation, but also from all employees - to preserve the Russian museum, the cultural traditions and, last but not least, the building fabric of the entire site. "(Text excerpt from our magazine)

The Waschhaus, a non-profit institution, is also a special place of encounter: since the beginning of the 1990s, it has developed from a squatted house into one of the most versatile and most frequented cultural institutions in the state of Brandenburg. Always worth a visit!

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