Cinema release Evolution

EVOLUTION (Hungary, Germany 2021) by Kornél Mundruczó celebrates its theatrical release today.

At the Jewish Film Festival Berlin | Brandenburg EVOLUTION was screened in the Feature Film Competition and received an honorable mention.

Evolution follows a Jewish family from 1945 to the present: in three parts their story is told with a view to the aftermath of the Holocaust trauma.

A girl is found in one of the gas chambers during the liberation of the concentration camps: She has inexplicably survived. Many decades later, little Eva has become an old woman with dementia living in Budapest. Asked by her daughter Lena for important documents and IDs, she can only show forgeries that were intended to conceal her Jewish identity at the time. Her grandson Jonas, on the other hand, knows next to nothing about his past and origins.

Through the three fates of grandmother, daughter and grandson, the intergenerational destiny of a family unfolds. It is about memories, the passage of time and a society that still has to deal with the wounds of the past, even in present-day Berlin.

Source: moviepilot