JFBB goes Jüdisches Theaterschiff MS Goldberg

From September 8 to 11, the JFBB will present four films on the Jewish Theater Ship MS Goldberg.

The MS Goldberg is currently moored at the Wannsee S-Bahn station, Stern- und Kreis-Schiffahrt landing stage, bridge 1.
Admission is 15€ / 10€ reduced (advance booking or box office).

*September 8, 8 p.m.
Children of Hope (Yael Reuveny, Israel/Germany, 2020).

32 children from an Israeli school class pose for a photo in 1988. As they part ways, they are filled with hope for peace. In Super 8 footage from their childhood and pointed short portraits of their classmates at the time, Berlin-based filmmaker Yael Reuveny reconsiders her own self-image and that of her generation. "Why is there no peace with the Palestinians?" is just one of the many questions Reuveny asks herself and her generation. She comes across uncomfortable answers and the realization that even the 3rd generation after the Shoah is still deeply affected by society's reactions to the Shoah.


*September 9, 8 p.m.
Dear Thomas (Andreas Kleiner, Germany 2021)

Thomas Brasch, dreamer, writer and rebel, born in 1945 as the son of Jewish emigrants in exile in England, quickly clashed with the authorities of the still young GDR. With his father, deputy minister of culture, anyway. His first play was banned, he was expelled from film school, his protests against the invasion of the Warsaw Pact troops in the ČSSR were stifled. The biography of a century using the example of a restless man, told in dazzling black and white and with the mixture of poetry and anger that also characterizes Brasch's work. Andreas Kleinert has created an impressive feature film about a man whose life is closely linked to the contradictions between political ideals, socialist reality and the longing for the here and now - and of breaking with it.


*September 10, 8 p.m.
Plan A (Yoav and Doron Paz, Israel/Germany 2021)

PLAN A is based on an inconceivable, almost unknown and true story that touches and shocks in equal measure. Shortly after the end of the war, a group of survivors of the Shoa plan to poison the drinking water in German cities. Max, whose entire family was murdered in a concentration camp, finds support in the group. But the Haganah is more concerned with building what would later become Israel; together with British intelligence, they sabotage the revenge plans. A cinematic drama by the Israeli brothers Yoav and Doron Paz with August Diehl (A HIDDEN LIFE, INGLORIOUS BASTERDS) and Sylvia Hoeks (BLADE RUNNER 2049, SEE) as well as Nikolai Kinski, Milton Welsh, Michael Brandner, Tim Wilde and the Israeli actors Michael Aloni and Oz Zehavi.


*September 11, 8pm
Kiss Me Kosher (Shirel Peleg, Israel/Germany 2020).

Lively Jewish grandmother Berta and her no less passionate granddaughter Shira argue intimately about love and what women can and can't do. Especially when their beloved granddaughter chooses Maria, a German, of all people. The two young women get really serious - they want to get married. The chaos is perfect when Maria's parents from Germany meet the Mischpoke in Jerusalem. As different as both families are, they all agree on one thing: the wedding must be planned! Only one tries with all means to prevent this union of life - Berta. For her, a marriage between an Israeli and a German is an impossibility. Although she has also found a rather unconventional love happiness with the Palestinian Ibrahim, which she hides from the family, in contrast to the fun-loving granddaughter. But how long can this go on? Shirel Peleg's witty and fast-paced culture-clash comedy about love, prejudice and crazy families.