Berlinale Talent Amos Geva

Congratulations. JFBB Program Collective member Amos Geva is one of the 204 Berlinale Talents selected.

From February 18 to 23, 2023, Berlinale Talents welcomes 204 selected filmmakers to Berlin: for the community from 68 countries, the six days of experience exchange along the motto "You Must Be Joking: Humour in Serious Times" are the ticket to one of the world's largest film communities with soon 10,000 Berlinale Talents alumni.

The 204 talents come from the fields of acting, cinematography, directing, distribution, film criticism, production, production and digital set design, screenwriting, sound design, film composition, film editing and audience design.

Congratulations Amos! What was the first thing that went through your mind when you got the invitation?

"Hello - that's great! And also, what a fitting theme this year is to my general philosophy - "You Must Be Joking - Humor in Serious Times".

What are you most looking forward to at Berlinale Talents?

"There is a misconception that once you start "working" you are no longer a student, and in the race of daily life this is sometimes sadly true, so I feel this is a great opportunity to dive deep into learning mode and reexamine some concepts I may have molded into a specific form, be open to meeting new colleges from across the world and simply take it all in. There is even a Jewish philosophy to it from the Mishna which says "Who is the wise one? He who learns from all humans."

How can the JFBB benefit from this?
"One of the most exciting things in cinema today is the concept of Audience Design, which is one of the fields I deal with both in my role as head of industry at T-Port and in the programming collective at JFBB. Here I will have a chance to meet other audience designers, as well as challenge old notions of audiences in cinema and how to break through to a wider audience also with the JFBB".