The Therapy

  • Zvi Landsman
  • IL
  • 2021
  • 85 min

So-called "conversation therapies" are supposed to "cure" homosexuals of their sexual orientation. The filmmakers around director Zvi Landsman were allowed to be there. A painfully intimate glimpse into the sufferings and struggles of Lev and Ben, two men from ultra-Orthodox communities who have entered these “therapies”.

Lev, age 54, is the father of six children, divorced; and gay. And yet, since he is a member of an ultra-Orthodox community in Jerusalem, and in line with the expectations of those around him, he wants to marry a woman again and has, for years, been attending so-called conversion therapies. Just like he does, the therapists come from the US and hope to convert their would-be patients with the help of subtle means and supposedly kind intentions. This makes it difficult for the participants, already engaged in a struggle with their own identity, to counter the manipulation and accept their sexual orientation. His ultra-Orthodox family puts additional pressure on 23-year-old Ben, and he fears, above all, emotional avoidance on the part of his father. What effect will the "therapy" have on them? How will the inner struggle between a desire for emancipation and the need for acceptance in their home communities end? Ultimatelz, it is the younger of the two men who breaks free through a combination of critical research on conversation therapy and inner reflection and thus, against all the odds, openly embraces his identity.

Text: Kira Taszman
English: Peter Rickerby

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original title The Therapy

international title The Therapy

german title The Therapy


  • director Zvi Landsman

country/countries IL

year 2021

duration 85 min

Portrait of Zvi Landsman

Zvi Landsman

BIO Graduated from the Sam Spiegel Film School with honors. His film THE THERAPY received the Sundance institute production grant and the jury award at DocAviv. His short AFTER ALL received honorable mentions in Tel Aviv and Munich student film festivals and accumulated over 13 million YouTube views. Cinematographer of the Oscar shortlisted film THE MUTE’S HOUSE.