Artwork Jewcy Movies

Coverimage Artwork

Jewcy Movies - the motto of the Jewish Film Festival Berlin | Brandenburg will be visualized by Esra Rotthoff.

The poster features the band Sistanagila.

The Berlin-based Israeli and Iranian musicians are seeking dialog with their project.

The musicians demonstrate this dialog in Sistanagila by approaching each other, listening to each other with curiosity and playing together. Carried by centuries-old Jewish and Iranian musical traditions, the musicians embark on a journey that ultimately leads them to themselves

They make use of folkloristic and religious melodies from klezmer, Sephardic and traditional Persian music as well as modern and classical compositions. The different melodies and motifs, rearranged with influences ranging from flamenco and jazz to progressive metal, merge into a music that creates something completely new and builds a bridge between two worlds.

Source: website of the band.

About Esra Rotthoff:
For over a decade, Esra Rotthoff, a German-Turkish and theoretically Jewish Berliner, has been working with various cultural institutions to visually redefine politically and socially relevant content in the field of photography and design. In this way, aestheticizations of contemporary re-contextualizations, socially relevant topics are created in her own visual language. The overall image, consisting of photography, graphics and sometimes painting, serves the various houses (including the Berlin Gorki Theater) as image advertising. The conceptual approach is experimental, interdisciplinary and empirical.

Here is the website: ESRA ROTTHOFF artist, art direction, photography