THE PASSFÄLSCHER at the 2nd Drewitz Film Festival

The JFBB film DER PASSFÄLSCHER with Louis Hofmann will be screened at the 2nd Drewitz Film Festival (September 18-25).

The 2nd Drewitz Film Festival is thematically dedicated to the future boulevard of film in Potsdam. Of the 50 films selected by a jury of experts, 30 will be shown from September 18 to 25. The program also includes DER PASSFÄLSCHER, which was shown in competition at the 28th JFBB and thus represented the second screening in Germany after the Berlinale. All info about the festival and the seasons can be found here.

DER PASSFÄLSCHER is about Cioma, who lives alone in a middle-class Berlin apartment after his parents are deported to the "labor camps" in the East. Then he takes in his friend Det. Together they brave everyday life. Actually, they would have to wear the Yellow Star permanently, would never be allowed to go out. But as masters of disguise, they slip into other identities and don't let themselves be deprived of partying. The danger of being discovered increases with each passing day. Cioma also contributes to the resistance. He forges passports to enable Jews to survive. With this very differently told film about unshakable optimism and courage to face life in the darkest Nazi times, German cinema succeeds in delivering an original and surprising history lesson.