Theatrical release WE MIGHT ASWELL BE DEAD

Today is the theatrical release of the JFBB film WE MIGHT ASWELL BE DEAD (Natalia Sinelnikova, DE 2022 ).

About the fear of not belonging: In the near future, the only safe place to live is in an idyllic high-rise complex in the middle of the forest. Anyone who wants to go there must submit to strict rules. When a dog disappears, Anna, a security guard, is suspected of having disposed of the animal. Distrust grows into fear, fear into sheer hatred. Complex and original etude about the totalitarian features of a mélange of security mania and utopias - and how they turn into exclusion.

The film screened in the Feature Film Competition at the 28th edition of the JFBB and is the first feature film by director Natalia Sinelnikova. She is a graduate of the Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf and part of the Jewish artists' network "Dagesh". She was also a scholarship recipient of the Szloma Albam Foundation.

You can see the film in Berlin for example at Delphi Lux, Sputnik Kino, Zukunft am Ostkreuz, Passage Kino, Kino Krokodil, Filmtheater am Friedrichshain, IL Kino or Kino Central.