section Documentary Film Competition

Thirty Tears Old (Supporting Film)

  • Daniel Shanni
  • IL
  • 2023
  • 12

Billabong and Petel go to a party hosted by Petel's ex Yael. Between the trivialities and bravado, the evening drags on until Petel learns that it is Yael's farewell party and he tries to find a reason for her to stay.

Supporting film of MONOGAMIA (Ohad Milstein, IL 2023, 73 min).

Director Daniel Shanni will be present for a Q&A after each screening.


original title Thirty Tears Old (Vorfilm)

international title Thirty Tears Old (Supporting Film)

german title Thirty Tears Old (Vorfilm)

JFBB section Documentary Film Competition

  • director Daniel Shanni

country/countries IL

year 2023

duration 12