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The Vanishing Soldier

  • Dani Rosenberg
  • IL
  • 2023
  • 98

Shlomi, an 18-year-old Israeli soldier serving in Gaza, goes AWOL and returns to his girlfriend in Tel Aviv, only to find that everyone believes he was kidnapped in the fog of war. Unfolding over 24 hours on the hot, humid streets of Tel Aviv, Shlomi is on a constant run from his duty, desperately trying to cling to life in all its might.

Additional Screenings: 23.6. at 18:00 at Moviemento and at 19:30 at Bundeplatz Kino (The screenings of THE FUTURE can unfortunately not take place)

With explosions and smoke around, soldiers running, shouting and obeying orders, one soldier, under the cover of darkness, follows his soul – it operates his legs, leading them cautiously to a place where he won't be seen, only to break into a run. A run for his life. This is Shlomi, a soldier whose soul leads him home – far from the battlefield. Very quickly, he learns that everyone is mistaken in thinking he was kidnapped during the battle, and from there, his escape only intensifies. Shlomi truly cannot stop moving and no one can protect him – not his mom, not civilians, not the army, nor the state. And nowhere is there a respite from the war, not even in Tel Aviv. As he continues to flee for his life, his life force strengthens like a human alternator – he wants to love completely, devour entirely, breathe all the air, to scream his lungs out. He is only 18 years old.
Director Danny Rosenberg demonstrates complete control of the cinematic medium, captivating and poetic at the same time. THE VANISHING SOLDIER, produced and screened at the Locarno Film Festival long before the current war in Gaza, presents an existential picture of youth in Israel. In this country, even if you run from the war, eventually, it will catch up with you.

Text: Naomi Levari

Protagonist Ido Tako received the Preis zur Förderung des filmischen Nachwuchses ("Award for the promotion of young film talent") for his acting performance.

All screenings will be followed by Q&As with the main actor Ido Tako.


original title The Vanishing Soldier

international title The Vanishing Soldier

german title The Vanishing Soldier

JFBB section Feature Film Competition

  • director Dani Rosenberg

country/countries IL

year 2023

duration 98

Portrait of Dani Rosenberg

Dani Rosenberg

BIO graduated with honors from Sam Spiegel Film School in Jerusalem, his first film, The Death of Cinema and my Father Too was Official Selection of the 2020 Cannes Film Festival and won the Jerusalem Film Festival. His award-winning short films have been screened in the best international film festivals, including Cannes Cinéfondation Competition, Berlinale, Clermont-Ferrand, HotDocs and IDFA. He’s also created acclaimed television series (“Milk & Honey” was adapted by Germany and France), co-created a documentary (Zohar, The Return), and most recently adapted God of Vengeance for Israel’s leading theater The Cameri. The Vanishing Soldier is his second feature film.