Lola nomination for LIEBER THOMAS

Film ran at the 27th JFBB 2021

The new presidential duo of the German Film Academy, Alexandra Maria Lara and Florian Gallenberger, together with the Minister of State for Culture, Claudia Roth, and the Film Award Ambassadors Lea van Acken and Maria Ehrich, announced the nominations for the German Film Award ceremony on June 24.

With a total of 47 nominations, 13 Medienboard-funded films are in the running for a LOLA.

Nominated 12x is the film LIEBER THOMAS (Producers: Michael Souvignier, Till Derenbach, production company: Zeitsprung Pictures, director: Andreas Kleinert | screenplay: Thomas Wendrich), which ran in last year's JFBB feature film competition and received an honorable mention from the jury there.

With twelve nominations, Andreas Kleinert's "Lieber Thomas" has the best chance of being honored at the German Film Awards ceremony on June 24; it is followed by Andreas Dren's "Rabiye Kurnaz vs. George W Bush" with ten nominations and Sebastian Meise's "Große Freiheit" with eight.