1. and 13. September

In June, the JFBB screened Michał Kwieciński's feature FILIP, the drama inspired by Leopold Tyrmand's memoirs about a survivor of the Warsaw Ghetto who, as a forced laborer in a Frankfurt hotel, poses as a Frenchman and lives a life on the edge between a will to survive and a personal vendetta.

The film is now screening in the program of the FilmPOLSKA film festival, which will be held in Berlin for the 18th time from September 6 to 13.

The extensive program of the largest Polish film festival in Germany also includes a competition with seven current Polish feature films.

Lea Wohl von Haselberg, a member of the JFBB program collective, is part of the jury along with journalist and filmmaker Julia Boxler and cultural editor and non-fiction author Uwe Rada.