Opening Gala

at Hans Otto Theater Potsdam

A full red carpet in front of the Hans Otto Theater in Potsdam, what a successful start of the Jewish Film Festival Berlin and Brandenburg!

Thanks to all guests of the evening.

A big thank you also to the speakers of the evening, first of all the Israeli Ambassador H.E. Ron Prosor, who underlined the unique storytelling of the Israeli film and praised the courageous visions of the filmmakers.

"The Jewish Film Festival is a significant cultural event that expresses the diversity and beauty of Jewish culture through compelling films. The festival sheds light on Jewish history and contemporary life. It provides a space for discussions on Jewish issues, narrates Jewish biographies, and presents a comprehensive picture of Jewish life with all its experiences, traditions, and everyday cultures. I am proud that our city is hosting this inspiring festival and look forward to experiencing the moving stories and artistic excellence of Jewish film," said Berlin's Governing Mayor Kai Wegner.

The Lord Mayor of Potsdam, Mike Schubert, praised the festival organizers and especially that the festival made the city so refreshingly colorful during these six days.

Helene Braun, face of our artwork:

Here's to a great festival week!

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