section Documentary Film Competition

The Artist's Daughter, Oil On Canvas

    • Margarita Linton
    • Yaniv Linton
  • IL
  • 2022
  • 60 min

How can absence be shown - or even filmed? A daughter seeks contact with her father, a well-known painter. But he keeps putting her off. A touching film about a desperate search for closeness and the question of family responsibility.

Margarita Linton, aka Rita, is a filmmaker whose childhood and adolescence was marked by the absence of her father. The latter, an artist from Riga, emigrated to Israel together with his family in 1990 and yet left soon afterwards. Though Rita hardly knows her father, she resolves to get in touch with him when his self-portraits are featured in an exhibition. He is always full of excuses on the phone however and stands her up on the very day when they finally wanted to meet. Rita films her attempts to make contact and looks for traces of similarities in her father's paintings; she is hurt by his indifference. And thus she replaces her creator with an actor and reenacts a meeting. This approach has surprising implications for the film as a whole. What is real here and what is staged? The film, as clever as it is touching, deals with existential themes in an original way; blood ties, rejection, healthy and dysfunctional families... And it also questions artistic creation: Should one forgive a person for everything just because they happen to be a gifted artist? Or do they not also have a responsibility towards the very real, existing people they brought into the world?
Text: Kira Taszman
English: Peter Rickerby

Other performances:

  • 15.06.2023 Filmtheater Union Fürstenwalde at 19:00

    On 17.6. at 17:30 and on 18.6. at 20:00 at Kino Krokodil, Margarita Linton und Yaniv Linton (directors) are present for a film tail after the film.

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original title The Artist's Daughter, Oil On Canvas

international title The Artist's Daughter, Oil On Canvas

german title The Artist's Daughter, Oil On Canvas

JFBB section Documentary Film Competition

  • director
    • Margarita Linton
    • Yaniv Linton

country/countries IL

year 2022

duration 60 min

Portrait of Margarita Linton

Margarita Linton

BIO Margarita Linton emigrated to Israel from the Ukraine when she was 5 years old. After completing her military service as a hiking guide, she studied still photography, and wrote and published poetry. She graduated from the Sam Spiegel Film and Television School in 2012. During her studies she won the Galit Rosen Directing Award and the Class of 2012 Promising Director Award. Since her graduation, she works as a film editor for documentaries, TV series, and short films, as well as an editing mentor at Sam Spiegel film school, and Hadassah academic college. Margarita participated in the 5th edition of The JSFS script lab with her debut script “Life is Anywhere Else”. While developing the script, Margarita shot her first full length documentary feature “The Artist’s Daughter, Oil on Canvas, 2021”.

Portrait of Yaniv Linton

Yaniv Linton

BIO Yaniv Linton began his artistic way as a stills photographer. His solo exhibition New on Old on New (2005) used Syrian village ruins as background on which colour slides were screened upon, creating a multilayer installation. The exhibition gained broad national exposure. Since Graduating from the Sam Spiegel film school in 2011 Yaniv works as a cinematographer, shooting feature films, TV dramas and documentaries, as well as teaching cinematography at the Sam Spiegel film school and private cinematography courses. The Artist's Daughter, Oil on Canvas, 2021 is his first feature-length film.