section Documentary Film Competition


  • Noa Aharoni
  • IL
  • 2022
  • 63 min

Four Jewish women were hanged shortly before the liberation of Auschwitz. Their crime: sabotage. They had smuggled gunpowder from a weapons factory to resistance groups in the camp. Anna Wajcblum, the sister of one of those hanged, recounts the crimes and the suffering in the concentration camp that the courageous women resisted.

On October 7th 1944, members of a special unit blew up Crematorium 4 in Birkenau and bravely attempted a spontaneous uprising against the SS, one none of them survived. Laszlo Nemes captured this episode of Jewish resistance in Auschwitz-Birkenau in his feature film SON OF SAUL. In the documentary "Sabotage" we learn how the Jewish resistance in the camp was assisted for months by courageous Jewish resistance fighters who, whilst manufacturing weapons for the Germans, managed to smuggle gunpowder from the Union Werke factories they worked in. The then 16-year-old Anna Wajcblum and her older sister Estusia also belonged to the resistance and did not want to die without a fight. In this hybrid documentary, filmmaker Noa Aharoni allows survivor Anna Wajcblum to have her say and, through the many tenderly animated feature film scenes, gives a face to the murdered resistance fighters.

On 14.6. at 15:30 at Filmkunst66 director Noa Aharoni (SABOTAGE) will be present for a discussion after the films.
On 15.6. at 15:00 at Kino Krokodil, directors Tal Kantor (LETTER TO A PIG) and Noa Aharoni (SABOTAGE) will be present for a discussion after the films.

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original title Sabotage

international title Sabotage

german title Sabotage

JFBB section Documentary Film Competition

  • director Noa Aharoni

country/countries IL

year 2022

duration 63 min

Portrait of Noa Aharoni

Noa Aharoni

BIO Winner of the Best Documentary Film Award (Forum of Documentary Creators, Israel). Nominated for the Ophir Award for Best Documentary. Noa Aharoni graduated with a degree in TV and Cinema from Sapir College in 1994. In 2017 her documentary "Shadows" about the abuse among the second generation of the Holocaust by their survivor parents, was selected for the prestigious Docaviv Film Festival and IDFA. “By Summer’s End”, Noa’s first feature film from 2011 has won a Distribution Award and was nominated for the Awards of the Israeli Academy. The film was screened at Haifa International Film Festival (Honorable Mention) and Rehovot Women Film Festival.