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Life According to Agfa

  • Assi Dayan
  • IL
  • 1993
  • 100 Min

A nocturnal social-political nightmare that brings all the Israeli aspects and contradictions into the boiling pot of the "Barbi" bar, leading to an inevitable Apocalypse. A ruthless portrayal of Israeli society in the 90´s during one single night.

Myth has it that the film's title was supposed to be "Life According to Kodak" but the Kodak company didn't want to be associated with such an explosive and divisive film and so the production team turned to Agfa, which in turn engraved its name forever on a film that changed Israeli cinema.
Dalia owns a pub named "Barbi" which is short for "Abarbanel", the name of a famous mental hospital in Israel. Tonight, a suicidal young woman, Dalia's partner, a group of soldiers, a policeman, the bar's loyal pianist, three friends with low self-esteem and the Palestinian kitchen staff all try to find personal salvation in a black and white, contrast reality perpetuated on an amateur photographer's Agfa film.
Assi Dayan's dark and ironic film represents a landmark in Israeli Cinema; it seals an era and opens a new chapter suggesting an on-going rough feature, one however that offers a new, colorful cinematic language in which diverse perspectives come to play a prominent role.


original title Life According To Agfa

international title Life According to Agfa

german title Life According to Agfa

JFBB section From Real to Reel – Israel: A 75th perspective in films

  • director Assi Dayan

country/countries IL

year 1993

duration 100 Min