Jewish Luck

  • Alexis Granowsky
  • USSR
  • 1925
  • 100 min

Classic meets modernism. The novel staging of the restored version of the silent comedy JEWISH LUCK (Soviet Union 1925) by the Potsdam-based artists' collective Xenorama's breathes new life into the black-and-white film with, among other things, a little color and artificial intelligence composition.

With this novel performance, from the Potsdam-based artists’ collective Xenorama, of the Jewish silent film comedy JEWISH LUCK (Soviet Union 1925), itself based on a novel by the world's most renowned Yiddish writer Shalom Alejchem, the 29th Jewish Film Festival Berlin Brandenburg intends to draw attention to Jewish culture and the Yiddish language as important aspects of Ukrainian culture. Xenorama not only brings both a little colour and elements of expanded cinema to this black and white classic, but also makes use of artificial intelligence for, amongst other things, the composition and soundtrack.

Film restoration and English intertitle by The National Center for Jewish Film.

On 15.6. at 19:00 at Kino Toni and on 18.6. at 17:30 at Filmkunst66 Lisa Rivo from the National Center for Jewish Film will give an introduction to the film.


original title Jewish Luck

international title Jewish Luck

german title Jewish Luck


  • director Alexis Granowsky

country/countries USSR

year 1925

duration 100 min