• Dina Perlstein
  • IL
  • 2022
  • 169 Min

A terrorist attack on a Jewish community centre in Argentina not only has tragic consequences for those affected, but also brings to light a family secret that had been swept under the carpet for 22 years. In her latest thriller, ultra-orthodox director Dina Perlstein, who attended the JFBB in 2021 to mark the screening of ENTANGLED, skilfully combines secret service investigations with personal research, politics with family drama and high tension with melodrama.

An ultra-orthodox film scene has been developing in Israel for several years now. Particularly active are female directors who, with exclusively female casts. make films for predominantly female audiences. The spectrum of works ranges from the ambitious art house films of Rama Burshtein to enthralling event cinema. Dina Perlstein is one of the pioneers of a sub-genre which, in the meantime, has not only reached commercial maturity, but also established a place for itself in the Israeli cinema scene, as is evidenced by the director having secured the services of both Gila Almagor, the grande dame of Israeli cinema, and leading Spanish actress Cristina Plazas for roles in SHATTERED.

15.6. 20.30 HBPG, followed by a discussion with Dina Perlstein, director
16.6. 21.00 Passagekino, followed by a discussion with Dina Perlstein, director


original title Shattered

international title Shattered

german title Shattered


  • director Dina Perlstein

country/countries IL

year 2022

duration 169 Min

Dina Perlstein

BIO As creator and film producer, Dina is a pioneer paving the way in the Ultra-Orthodox cinema field, specifically in women's cinema. She has been involved in artistic and cinematic work within the religious community for more than twenty years. Over the course of this time she wrote, directed, and produced 14 full length feature films, as the creation process was carried out according to the highest standards with the help of the best professionals in the industry. The great appreciation and expectation to Perlstein's films in the Ultra-Orthodox community constitutes as a significant and substantial proof for the success of the great cultural change she had an integral part in.