Film tips for June 19

For the 6th day of the festival

43 movies and 2 series are waiting to be discovered by you. Can't make up your mind? We give you movie tips every day this week.

Significant Other - Season 1 (Series Marathon)**

Serial Fresh: In it for the long haul - Israeli female TV creators.
Ram Nehari | IL | 2018 | 12 x 25 min | OmeU

At the House of Brandenburg-Prussian History, we offer you the opportunity to watch series in a deck chair. The first season of the Israeli hit series "Significant Other. A bitterly funny hit series about two lonely souls.
Two neighbors of an apartment building. Both around forty. He is trying to kill himself with pills and is waiting for death. Suddenly she rings his doorbell. She has just had a heart attack. Shortly after, they both have to go to the emergency room in the ambulance. However, he is discharged only if a "better half" vouches for him. His neighbor agrees to vouch for him.

1Xpay, see all episodes! Here you can see the series on June 19 and book tickets:
Berlin: Passage Kino, 4pm, with English subtitles.

Double Feature**

Homage Jeanine Meerapfel

Two films, different and yet comparable? Two female directors in conversation.

Shown are:

1. Die Kümmeltürkin geht (Melek Leaves)
Jeanine Meerapfel | DE | 1985| 88 min | dt. OV

"My last coffee in Germany": In 1970 Melek Tez comes to Berlin as a Turkish guest worker. 14 years later she decides to leave Germany and go back to her home country. The film accompanies the protagonist during her last days in Germany and asks about the motives behind her decision.

Here you can see the film on June 19 and book tickets:
MS Goldberg, 5pm

2. at the edge of the cities
Aysun Bademsoy | DE | 2006 | 83 Min | OmdU

The ethnological view: In the 1960s, countless Turks came to the Federal Republic as guest workers. The many years of hard work allowed them to save enough money to retire early after returning home and settle in housing estates, on the outskirts of the cities. The documentary tells their story.

See the film on June 19 and book tickets here:
MS Goldberg, 7pm

After the two screenings, guests are:
Jeanine Meerapfel (director) and Aysun Bademsoy (director).
Moderation: Leona Schwarzer

Double Feature**

Cinema Fermished & Competition Documentary

1st Housewitz
Oeke Hoogendijjk | NL | 2022 | 71min | OmdU

The Shoah in the living room. Oeke Hoogendijk tries to find out what is the reason for her mother Lous' categorical refusal to leave her house - for decades. What seems normal at first glance in this film - a woman in the living room watching TV with her cat - gradually turns into an oppressive reality in which the inner and outer worlds are at odds with each other and the "roommate" Holocaust is present every day.

**2. Captured
Batya Wolff/Arnoud Holleman | NL | 2022 | 64min | OmdU

How can I free myself from a war that was over before I was born? Batya Wolff, together with Arnoud Holleman, approaches her father through the media of film and photography. Max Wolff began taking photographs immediately after the end of the war to keep the trauma of survival at bay and to determine his own narrative. Thousands of photographs and many hours of cine film make up the family archive, which becomes the film's third protagonist alongside father and daughter. It testifies to how images can simultaneously evoke and block memory.

After the two screenings, guests are:
Batya Wolff, Arnoud Holleman (Captured), director*inen.
Oeke Hoogendijk (Housewitz), director

Here you can see the films including Q&A and book tickets:
Jewish Museum Berlin, 4pm

Sein oder Nichtsein (To Be Or Not To Be)** - Jewcy Favourites (selected by actress Adriana Altaras)

Cinema Fermished
Ernst Lubitsch | US | 1942 | 99min | dt. SV

Biting comedy: Ernst Lubitsch's film about a troupe of actors who, by changing roles and staging on and off stage in Warsaw in 1939, not only tease the Nazis but also escape to Scotland, was controversial upon its release in 1942.

After the screenings, guest is:
Adriana Altaras (actress)

Here you can see the film on June 19 and book tickets:
Berlin: Delphi Lux (Room 1), 9 p.m.
Potsdam: Filmmuseum Potsdam, 5 p.m.

The Red Star**

Competition Feature Film
Gabriel Matías Lichtmann | AR | 2021 | 72 min | OmdU

Who was Laila Salama? She is one of the greatest mysteries of Argentine Jewish history. She spied for MI6 and was apparently involved in the kidnapping of Adolf Eichmann in Buenos Aires in 1960. But Laila Salama does not exist. A mockumentary that, in the style of a cinematic search, sketches a biography that could have existed.

Here you can see the film on June 19th and book tickets:
Potsdam: Thalia Babelsberg, 7 p.m.