Film tips for June 18

For the 5th day of the festival

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Broken Barriers (Khavah)** (Silent movie with live soundtrack | Open Air)

Cinema Fermished
Charles E. Davenport | US | 1919 | 78min | SF

Charles E. Davenport adapts the first chapter of "Tewje, der Milchmann" in his 1919 silent film. Its author, Scholem Aleichen (Sholem Rabinovich), sometimes referred to as the "Jewish Mark Twain," is one of the most important Yiddish-language writers and one of the founders of Yiddish literature. Broken Barriers was long considered lost, but is now back on the big screen after 100 years! The National Center for Jewish Film at Brandeis University in Massachusetts has restored it and is making it available to the JFBB as a German premiere. Folk-klezmer-punk singer-songwriter Daniel Kahn will provide musical accompaniment to the silent film!

Here you can see the film including live scoring by Daniel Kahn on June 18th and purchase tickets:
Potsdam: Kutschstallhof (Open Air at the HPBG), 21:30.
An additional screening will also take place on Sunday, June 19 in "Studio 14 - die rbb Dachlounge" in Masurenallee in Berlin, at 11 am.

We might as well be dead**

Competition Feature Film
Natalia Sinelnikova | DE | 2022 | 93 min | German OV/OmeU

About the fear of not belonging: In a near future, the only safe place to live is in an idyllic high-rise complex in the middle of the forest. Anyone who wants to go there must submit to strict rules. When a dog disappears, Anna, a security guard, is suspected of having disposed of the animal. Distrust grows into fear, fear into sheer hatred. Complex and original etude about the totalitarian features of a mélange of security mania and utopias - and how they turn into exclusion.

This film premiered at the Berlinale and is the debut feature film by Natalia Sinelnikova, a graduate of the Babelsberg Konrad Wolf Film University. The film will also have its international premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York this month!

After the screening, guests include:
Pola Geiger (actress) and Karl Schirnhofer (casting director).

Here you can see the film on June 18th and buy tickets:
Potsdam: Thalia Babelsberg, 7pm (German OV).
Berlin: Delphi Lux (Room 4, OmeU), 21:30


Competition Documentary Film
Michael Weits | IL/CA/BE | 2021 | 80min | OmdU

With the Blue Box, a small metal piggy bank, Jews collected money to buy land from Arabs in Palestine. Joseph "Yosef" Weits was for his great-granddaughter Michal in her childhood always the man who created wonderful green forests from the barren soil of Israel. Through the eyes of the politically interested filmmaker, she then also encounters an architect of the "transfer" of the Arab population after the 1948 War of Independence. Exciting historical reflection on a lesser known "founding father" of Israel.

Here you can see the film on June 18 and buy tickets:
Berlin: Delphi Lux (Room 1), 4 p.m.

Shalom Putti**

Cinema Fermished
Tamás Wormser | CA | 2022 | 90min | OmdU

In the small Ugandan village of Putti live 250 Jews who celebrate their Judaism with much joy, and strongly influenced by East African songs and traditions. However, the communities in Uganda are not recognized by Israel. So they seek help from an Orthodox Israeli rabbi. Long-term observation on the question of when one is considered a Jew and by whom - and latent colonialist attitudes in Israeli-African coexistence.

Guest after the screening:
Tamás Wormser (director)

Here you can see the film on June 18th and buy tickets:
Filmmuseum Potsdam , 9 pm