section A Journey Through Time


  • Wanda Jakubowska
  • PL
  • 1948
  • 109 Min

Poland's first film about the Holocaust was made as early as 1947. Director Wanda Jakubowska was herself interned in Auschwitz. Aided by survivors and amateur actresses, she filmed in the former concentration camp. This fictional film, with its strong documentary-like elements, portrays an everyday life marked by the cruel excesses and sadism of the guards, but also the will to survive of the imprisoned women and a growing spirit of resistance in view of the Red Army’s imminent approach.

Sun, 8/15 4:30 p.m. Cinema Delphi Lux / panel discussion: Both a German-Polish journey through time and a comparison of cinematic histories to mark DEFA’s 75th anniversary.

How did both DEFA studio and Polish films deal with Jewish issues during the era of socialism? What was the general political framework, what points of view and taboos stand out? How did the engagement with Jewish issues evolve in both countries? The discussion will take place between the screenings of THE LAST STAGE (PL 1948) and AFFAIRE BLUM (SBZ 1948).


original title THE LAST STAGE

international title THE LAST STAGE

german title DIE LETZTE ETAPPE

JFBB section A Journey Through Time

  • director Wanda Jakubowska

country/countries PL

year 1948

duration 109 Min