section SERIAL FRESH: Series from Israel


  • Yuval Shafferman
  • IL
  • 2018
  • 3 x 25 Min

Exceptionally normal: Zohar, Ron and Amit are in their twenties. And autistic. The three share an apartment. Screenwriter Dana Idisis, also the author of the script for HERE WE ARE (at this year’s festival), approaches her protagonists, all characters to identify with, both full of respect and without any sense of false shame; the impression is of individuals fragile yet strong, rich in nuance and unforgettable.

Wed, August 18 19:00 Delphi Lux cinema / workshop discussion: SERIAL FRESH: Series from Israel - with Yehonatan Indursky (creator of SHTISEL and AUTONOMIES)
What is the recipe for success behind this Israeli series, enthusiastically embraced by audiences around the world and subsequently adapted in numerous countries?


original title ON THE SPECTRUM

international title ON THE SPECTRUM

german title ON THE SPECTRUM

JFBB section SERIAL FRESH: Series from Israel

  • director Yuval Shafferman

country/countries IL

year 2018

duration 3 x 25 Min

Portrait of Yuval Shafferman

Yuval Shafferman