Romani Perspectives In European Film Festivals – JFBB joins the think tank at the 5th Ake Dikhea? Film Festival in Berlin

Many film festivals in Europe have a political or identity focus to anti-racism, anti-colonialism, gender, feminism, and LGBTIQ+. In this way, they can be seen as sites for promoting human rights and democracy in society. Films on the current situation of Roma are also appearing more and more often in festival programmes. But in most cases, paradoxically, the perspectives of the Roma themselves are left out.

Too often, Roma become just objects in films guided by a white gaze on poverty, criminality and a supposed otherness - harmful stereotypes and clichés. Authentic films by Roma filmmakers themselves, which represent the variety of their diverse communities, remain largely unnoticed.

The 5th festival of Romani film „AKE DIKHEA?“ which takes places from 2nd to 6th December in Berlin under the headline „Self-representation is my resistance“, offers a think tank to find out more about historic and contemporary antigypsyism in cinema and to explore together the possibilities for the sustainable inclusion of Roma voices.

The online event takes place on 4th December, introduced by the director Katalin Bársony whose TV documentary series MundiRomani was shown at the FilmFestival Cottbus 2013 in the frame of the focus section „‘Dikhen!‘ – Let’s take a look: Focus on Sinti and Roma“. Arkadij Khaet, member of the programme committee of the JFBB, will join on behalf of the JFBB.

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