section Sex. Jewish Positions


  • Astar Elkayam
  • IL
  • 2020
  • 75

Omer and Bar are madly in love with each other and will do anything to have a child. One setback after another pushes the two women and their love to their limits - and ultimately to Omer's ex-boyfriend.

Bar and Omer's relationship is characterized by passion, intense feelings and eroticism. Now they decide to take the next step - to have a baby! However, what initially appears to be a 'piece of cake' thanks to modern medicine and open-minded Israeli society turns out to be a nightmare for the couple. Visits to the sperm bank and then to the gynecologist do not bring the desired success. Omer simply cannot get pregnant and the frequent attempts turn into an ordeal. The happiness and love between the two begins to crumble and is finally put to the test when Omer brings her ex-boyfriend into play as a sperm donor. Thanks to the acting performances of Agam Schuster (Bar) and Mor Polanuar (Omer), the film develops an incredible emotional intensity and tells the story of how the desire to have children does not bring two lovers together, but drives them apart.

Text: Merlin Webers

Special event at the JMB (Jewish Museum Berlin).


original title Two

international title Two

german title Two

JFBB section Sex. Jewish Positions

  • director Astar Elkayam

country/countries IL

year 2020

duration 75

Portrait of Astar Elkayam

Astar Elkayam

BIO Directot, Editor, Screenwriter