section Facing the Fear – Cinematic reflections on terror, trauma and resistance


  • Isaki Lacuesta
  • FR/ES
  • 2022
  • 130

The urge to forget in a struggle against the desire to remember. Céline and Ramón survive the attack on the Bataclan in Paris in November 2015. Yet their differing approaches to dealing with this shared trauma create cracks in the young couple's relationship in which they threaten to lose one another.

While she tries to suppress what she experienced in order to return to a “normal” life as quickly as possible, he wants to reconstruct the evening down to the smallest detail and process it in this way. Between attempts at distraction, escape into everyday life and recurring panic attacks, the two young people lose themselves in search of healing. Based on the autobiographical report Paz, amor y death metal (Peace, Love and Death Metal) by Ramón González, himself witness to the attack carried out by Islamic State, Isaki Lacuesta presents a psychological study of emotional intensity. ONE YEAR, ONE NIGHT shows how different ways of dealing with traumatic experiences can be and how these, in turn, affect both the survivors and those around them. The two protagonists, Céline and Ramón, not only have to struggle with themselves but also with a lack of understanding born out of ignorance, curious questions and tactless social media comments from people uninvolved in the attack. A film about what happens afterwards, about trauma and pain and the resulting internal and interpersonal conflicts - but also about ways to resolve them.

Text: Merlin Webers
English: Peter Rickerby

After the screening of ONE YEAR, ONE NIGHT the panel Survival - filming with and about trauma will take place on Sun, June 23, 15:00. Panelists are Marina Chernivsky (Psychologist und founding managing director of OEFK e.V.) and Sharon Ryba-Kahn (director). Language: German, admission free, Filmkunst 66 - Saal 2.


original title ONE YEAR, ONE NIGHT

international title ONE YEAR, ONE NIGHT

german title Frieden, Liebe und Death Metal

JFBB section Facing the Fear – Cinematic reflections on terror, trauma and resistance

  • director Isaki Lacuesta

country/countries FR/ES

year 2022

duration 130