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    • Yoav Paz
    • Doron Paz
  • IL
  • 2019
  • 95 Min

The legend of the Golem is transposed to 17th century Lithuania: a shtetl must protect itself from Christian peasants who hold it responsible for an outbreak of plague. Here, Hanna, a young woman who has lost her son, creates the Golem out of clay. It is hardly coincidental that it has the shape of a child ...

This film will also be shown on Wed, 14.06.2023 at 7 pm at the Filmtheater Union Fürstenwalde.

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original title THE GOLEM

international title THE GOLEM

german title Golem – Wiedergeburt

JFBB section Jewcy Horror Movies

  • director
    • Yoav Paz
    • Doron Paz

country/countries IL

year 2019

duration 95 Min