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Award Winner SHTTL "Best Feature"

The JFBB Feature Film Jury, consisting of Hannah Dannel, Cultural and Communication Officer at the Central Council of Jews in Germany, Italian director and screenwriter Alberto Caviglia and producer Ada Salomon from Romania, awards SHTTL (UA/FR 2022) by Ady Walter with the Gershon Klein Feature Film Award. "A young and new voice in cinema. With a unique style and extraordinary visual language. We decided to award a film that takes us back to a world where young people move between tradition and individual freedom," said the jury's statement. SHTTL tells the story of Mendele in 1941, one day before the Nazi invasion of the USSR. An honorable mention was given by the Feature Film Jury to the film MARCH '68 (Krzysztof Lang, PL 2022). The Gershon Klein Prizes are endowed with 3,000 € each, donated by Gershon Klein's daughters Madeleine Budde and Jacqueline Hopp.


original title Preisträger SHTTL "Bester Spielfilm"

international title Award Winner SHTTL "Best Feature"

german title Preisträger SHTTL "Bester Spielfilm"

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