section From Real to Reel – Israel: A 75th perspective in films


    • Scandar Copti
    • Yaron Shani
  • DE/IL/GB
  • 2010
  • 120 Min

Set in the Ajami, Jaffa, the film presents interwoven stories of violence and grace deriving from the neighborhood and its inhabitants. The Israeli-Palestinian duo of directors Yaron Shani & Scandar Copti master an explosive film experience.

One exits this film a different person than the one who entered it.
This first-of-its-kind Israeli-Palestinian director duo has shared with the world not only a tense Palestinian-Israeli ensemble piece but also presented a unique working method with non-actors unaware of the actual script. The result is an explosive authenticity which impressed the jury at Cannes and secured the film its Academy Award nomination for Best Foreign Film.
AJAMI consists of interwoven stories based on true experiences and changing timelines which load the film with tension and violence side by side with grace and extra-ordinary empathy; as if we were witnessing the core of humanity itself.


original title Ajami

international title Ajami

german title Ajami

JFBB section From Real to Reel – Israel: A 75th perspective in films

  • director
    • Scandar Copti
    • Yaron Shani

country/countries DE/IL/GB

year 2010

duration 120 Min