Shortfilm program: Shirey Mara

  • Nata Korneyeva
  • LTU
  • 2021
  • 10 Min

Though Mara is no longer alive, her voice and songs live on in a magical mahogany box in which she stored them for her husband. A melancholic, dreamy animated film in watercolour, a poetic awakening whilst the first snowflakes fall.


original title Shirey Mara

international title Shortfilm program: Shirey Mara

german title Shortfilm program: Shirey Mara


  • director Nata Korneyeva

country/countries LTU

year 2021

duration 10 Min

Portrait of Nata Korneyeva

Nata Korneyeva

BIO Nata Korneyeva is a Belarusian film director, writer and artist. A native of Minsk, she graduated from Saint-Petersburg State University of Technologies and Design in 2014. She has worked in various areas, including short stories, theater plays and graphic novels. Nata has written and directed two short films, The Bird and Shirey Mara. She is in the process of writing a script of a feature, although she doesn't rule out making another animated film. Filmography 2020 – The Bird (short). Festivals: Sodruzhestvo 2021, Georgia; Nefiltrovannoe Kino 2022, Belarus and others. 2021 - Shirey Mara (animated short) Festivals: Near Nazareth IFF 2021, Israel; Banjaluka International Animated Film Festival 2021, Bosnia and Herzegovina and others.