section short films: Nosh Nosh


  • Sami Morhayim
  • TR
  • 2021
  • 17 Min

A family celebration with obstacles to overcome: Susam's Bar Mitzvah is just around the corner, yet the boy locks himself in his bedroom. An unconventional family comedy from Turkey.



original title SUSAM

international title SUSAM

german title SUSAM

JFBB section short films: Nosh Nosh

  • director Sami Morhayim

country/countries TR

year 2021

duration 17 Min

screenplay Sami Morhayim

director of photography Kağan Kerimoğlu

editing Ami Mor

producer Aycan Aluçlu, Hilal Şenel

actor/s Fatih Al, Feri Baycu Güler, İzzet Bana, Eylül Aydın, Forti Barokas

Portrait of Sami Morhayim

Sami Morhayim

BIO Sami Morhayim was born in 1993. Since 2012 he has been in director, editor, and producer roles in various projects. He graduated from Koç University with Media & Visual Arts and Psychology double major. The previous short film, “Meçhul”, has been screened in both national and international film festivals. Apart from narrative short films, he is filming commercials, video arts, experimental films, and profile videos. He is currently in post-production process of short film "Ay Bulutta" in producer and editor roles. 2017 MECHUL - student short fiction / Producer & Director 2012 BIZE HER YER DEPLASMAN - student short documentary - Producer, Editor & Director