section short films: Nosh Nosh


  • Roy Goldman
  • IL
  • 2019
  • 35 Min

Orthodox, Jewish, all of a sudden gay and abandoned by family, his pregnant girlfriend and life in general. Years later, this outcast seeks contact with his now 15-year-old daughter. The film accompanies his desperate attempts to reset the family’s relations to a backdrop of the homophobic surroundings of provincial Israel.



original title RABBI FALSCH

international title RABBI FALSCH

german title RABBI FALSCH

JFBB section short films: Nosh Nosh

  • director Roy Goldman

country/countries IL

year 2019

duration 35 Min

director of photography Daniel Goldfine, Dani Mindrol

music May Lev

editing Nimrod Mayo, Roy Goldman, Amir Stolar

producer Carolin Kotler

actor/s Shahar Hadar, Eyal Nave, Rabbi Ron Yosef, Rabbi Aldad Tubul, Roni Holander, Neta Asher

Roy Goldman

BIO Director and film editor, studied at the University of West London and at the Minshar for Art in Tel Aviv. His graduation docu film "Rabbi Falsch" won several awards in festivals around the world, and was screened at the TLVfest for LGBTQ+ films last year. Today, Roy works as an editor in television shows and as an independent film creator.