section Documentary Film Competition


  • Chen Shelach
  • IL
  • 2020
  • 70 Min

Once filled with Jewish life, the Muranów neighbourhood in Warsaw found itself cordoned off the during the Second World War by the German occupiers. Thousands of people were crammed into the ghetto and subsequently murdered. Today's residents of the now rebuilt district share their apartments with the souls of these very people. A psychological reflection on living with the ghosts of a bloody past.

"After the war, machines turned the debris into dough from which bricks were made, that in turn, were used to build the new houses. The new tragedy is that no one bothered to tell the excited residents –who found a home for themselves after the war – what was buried underground and what materials were used to build their houses." (Chen Shelach)

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original title MURANOW

international title MURANOW

german title MURANOW

JFBB section Documentary Film Competition

  • director Chen Shelach

country/countries IL

year 2020

duration 70 Min

screening format 4K, DCP

screenplay Chen Shelach, Anat Vogman

director of photography Micha Livne, Yaron Shin, Zohar Yosifon

sound Rotem Dror

music Itamar Gross

editing Chen Shelach, Anat Vogman

producer Micha Livne, Chen Shelach

production company Micha Livne Films


Phone number+972-2-5831371

Portrait of Chen Shelach

Chen Shelach

BIO B.A in Communication – Yezreel Valley College Graduate of the School of Television Professions – Givat Haviva 2017 – One of the creators and content editor of the series "Inside The Mossad" – the story of Israeli "Mossad" 2016 – Scriptwriter and director of "Praise The lard” 2014 – Scriptwriter and director (in cooperation with Duki Dror) of "Partner With The Enemy” 2012 – Scriptwriter, director and shooting of "Photonovela" 2008 – Scriptwriter and director of "When Jabel Fell"