section Feature Film Competition


  • Ameen Nayfeh
  • PS, JO, QA, IT, SE
  • 2020
  • 97 Min

Friend or foe? Mustafa is 200 meters away from his child. He lives in the West Bank, his wife and their son behind the wall that separates the Palestinian territories from Israel. When, one day, Mustafa is turned away at the checkpoint, he is forced to take a 200-kilometer detour. Alongside him in the shared taxi is a German female filmmaker, both too self-confident for the men in the car and a little too familiar with the local state of mind. Mistrust arises and ultimately the German lets it be known that she is Jewish. By then, however, the external pressure on the group has already risen, and this erstwhile group of passengers has evolved into a community of fate. A reflection of interpersonal relationships in the Palestinian-Israeli context that is at once both conflict-ridden and warm-hearted.

"The main character Mustafa has obeyed the rules, endured the humiliation and did as told in order to secure a small chance to be with his family, but when the same rules that alienated his life put his family and fatherhood on stake, will he obey it any longer?" (Armeen Nayfeh)

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original title 200 METERS

international title 200 METER

german title 200 METER

JFBB section Feature Film Competition

  • director Ameen Nayfeh

country/countries PS, JO, QA, IT, SE

year 2020

duration 97 Min