New program dual leadership

Lea Wohl von Haselberg and Bernd Buder

Jewish Film Festival starts its anniversary year with a double head of programming

With the start of its 30th anniversary year, the program department of the Jewish Film Festival Berlin and Brandenburg (JFBB) will be headed by a dual leadership team. The renowned film and media scholar Dr. Lea Wohl von Haselberg will be responsible for the content of Germany's largest festival for films with Jewish themes and from Israel together with the current program director Bernd Buder. Wohl von Haselberg researches and teaches at the Film University Babelsberg "Konrad Wolf" on German-Jewish topics, Jewish film history and audiovisual culture of remembrance and has been involved with the JFBB as a member of the program collective since 2021. The new dual leadership will continue to be supported in the program selection by Israeli producer Naomi Levari, director and screenwriter Arkadij Khaet and other curators and researchers.

The core content of the festival is the presentation of the diversity of contemporary Jewish life and Jewish culture worldwide, keeping alive the memory of the Shoah and confronting all forms of anti-Semitism.

The 30th Jewish Film Festival Berlin and Brandenburg will take place from June 18 to 23, 2024. The patron of the festival is Minister of State for Culture Claudia Roth.