First information about the program

Two competitions, Cinema Fermished, Nosh Nosh and four special series.

The two competitions, featuring recent, international feature films and documentaries, are at the heart of the festival. Kino Fermished presents a wide selection of films, across all genres, while Nosh Nosh (Yiddish for "treats") shows selected short films.

Adding to the program this year are four special series:

  • the Jewcy Horror Movies show how Jewish narratives enrich the diversity of this genre

  • a tribute to Shoa survivor Jack Garfein, who made a career in Hollywood as a film and theater director and later co-founder of "Method Acting" and was, among other things, James Dean's teacher.

  • the Canadian-Jewish satirical duo Yidlife Crisis will not only curate a series of Canadian films for us, which they will present in person, but will also be guests at the Jewish Museum Berlin with their program during the JFBB.

  • The State of Israel celebrates its 75th birthday this year. We congratulate and present contributions from this exciting and vital film and series nation, which are as diverse and critical as the entire JFBB program.

After each film screening, there will be interesting moderated discussions with the filmmakers in attendance, which you should definitely join.

The 29th JFBB will open on June 13 at Potsdam's Hans Otto Theater.

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