Jewcy Movies

JEWCY MOVIES - a film festival with over 40 films, across all genres.

In four months we are already in the middle of the 29th JFBB. For six days, the entire diversity of Jewish experiences will be on the big screen in Berlin and Potsdam, as well as other locations in the state of Brandenburg.

Immerse yourself in a festival week full of extraordinary films and talks, exhibitions, readings and concerts.
Mark the festival date - June 13-18 - in your calendar.

Jewcy Movies - The Jewish Film Festival Berlin and Brandenburg is thoughtful and humorous, between individual life stories, political essays and discussion-oriented documentaries.

The artwork is once again in the hands of Esra Rotthoff. Our save-the-date graphic already hints at where the journey is headed this year. You can be curious!

The first program information will be available at the end of February. Our five-member program collective is currently screening many films and looking for the best contributions for our program.