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NOSH NOSH short film programme 2

Nosh Nosh means "treats" in Yiddish. But these short films are neither snacks for in-between meals nor a greeting from the kitchen. They are works of art in their own right. Sometimes they are bitter, sometimes sweet and always full of thematic and formal diversity. The cuisine is international. It tastes good to everyone and fills you up. Nosh Nosh, in other words.

Adam Weingrod, IL 2023, 20 min
Poignant portrait of Dan Layani, who lost his sight in the 1982 Lebanon War and is able to see again after 25 years of absolute darkness.

Barney Pell Scholes/Thomas Harnett O’Meara, UK 2023, 12 min
Liverpool 1947. Two British soldiers are kidnapped and murdered in Mandate Palestine. After the so-called Sergeants Affair there is a wave of anti-Semitic rioting in the United Kingdom.

Anat Eisenberg, IL 2023, 24 min
Galina, a guest worker from Moldova, works as a geriatric nurse in Israel and is eagerly awaiting her New Year's date. Her 85-year-old employer is jealous.

Oz Zirlin, IL 2024, 7 min
Following the events of October 7, the Israeli government evacuated the residents of the area around Gaza and housed them in hotels across the country. They are waiting in limbo ever since. A film about refugees who are little-talked about.
Director Oz Zirlin will be present at both screenings for a Q&A after the film.

Itamar Alcalay, IL 2022, 21 min
Galit works on a pilgrimage site on the Jordan. During her lunch break she encounters a soaked child who has escaped from the cold water. A mysterious bond develops.

Shimrit Eldis, IL 2024, 12 min
A 13-year-old girl imagines her first kiss as something very special. Yet her search for the perfect kiss turns into a journey of disillusionment.


original title NOSH NOSH Kurzfilmprogramm 2

international title NOSH NOSH short film programme 2

german title NOSH NOSH Kurzfilmprogramm 2

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