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Screening at the JFBB Jüdisches Filmfestival Berlin | Brandenburg will be…

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Online Screening

Die Online Screenings werden für zwei Wochen ab Festivalstart deutschlandweit für alle interessierten Online-Zuschauer und ohne Geoblocking für akkreditierte industry guests verfügbar sein.
The online screenings will be available for two weeks from the start of the festival nationwide for all interested online viewers and without geoblocking for accredited industry guests.

I/We agree to the online screening of the film on the platform of the JFBB…

Screening copies proceeding to the JFBB Jüdisches Filmfestival Berlin | Brandenburg through…

After the festival the copy should be sent to the following address.

This submission is binding announced by authorized person.

You grant permission

  • For accredited guests to view the screener during the film festival.
  • For excerpts (max 3 min) to be broadcasted on tv and online in the course of the festival.
  • For film excerpts (max 3 min) used in digital media (festival-website, festival-youtube-Channel, festival-facebook-profile, festival-instagram) to promote the festival.
  • The submission implies the acceptance of the JFBB regulations as well as the binding registration of the film.
  • The applicant acknowledges that he or she is entitled to make a binding submission and/or has obtained consent to do so from the right holder(s).

  • Find here the JFBB-Reglement