A look back at festival days 3 & 4

The two days of the festival were characterised by profound discussions and impressive stories that touched the audience and encouraged them to reflect.

Friday, 21 June
The third day of the festival featured a series of outstanding films:

999 - The Forgotten Girls
Location: Filmkunst 66
Crew present: Director Heather Dune Macadam

This moving documentary film tells the story of 999 young women who were deported from Slovakia to Auschwitz in 1942. Director Heather Dune Macadam was on location and offered the audience deeper insights into the historical background and the making of the film.

Location: Filmkunst 66
Crew present: Benny Fredmann (director)

At the centre of Benny Fredmann's film "Home" is the protagonist Yair, who is trying to realise his dream of owning his own computer business in an ultra-orthodox neighbourhood of Jerusalem. This dream threatens to come to nothing when a violent conflict flares up between him and the unscrupulous local religious authorities, which also puts Yair's young family in danger.

Location: Moviemento
Crew present: Director Ohad Milstein and supporting film director Daniel Shanni (supporting film: Thirty Years Old)

In "Monogamia", Ohad Milstein explores the facets of his ageing parents' relationship. The director of the supporting film "Thirty Years Old", Daniel Shanni, was also present at the screening. Both directors were available to answer questions from the audience after the screening.

The Vanishing Soldier
Location: Filmkunst 66
Crew present: Ida Tako, main actor

"The Vanishing Soldier" tells the gripping story of Shlomi, a young soldier doing his military service in the Gaza Strip. When he returns to Tel Aviv without permission, he realises that everyone believes he has been kidnapped during the war. For the next 24 hours, Shlomi is constantly on the run. Leading actor Ida Tako, who received the JFBB's Young Filmmakers Award for his impressive acting performance, was present at the screening.

Saturday, 22 June

The Goldman Case
Location: Filmkunst 66
Crew present: Nathalie Hertzberg (screenwriter)

"The Goldman Case" is a courtroom drama about Pierre Goldman, an activist in the May 1968 riots in Paris. Screenwriter Nathalie Hertzberg discussed the historical background to the film.

A Still Small Voice
Location: Bundesplatz cinema
Crew present: Mati Engel (protagonist)

In "A Still Small Voice", Mati Engel navigates between her spiritual calling and everyday hospital life as a hospital chaplain. The protagonist Mati Engel answered questions from the audience

Running on Sand
Location: Filmkunst 66
Crew present: Director Adar Shafran

"Running on Sand" tells the story of an Eritrean refugee who pretends to be a football star. Director Adar Shafran was present and gave insights into the making of the film.